Well the search for the Alligator Rivers subspecies of the yellow chat continues. They live in such inhospitable habitat in Kakadu National Park that only “mad rabid fishos” who don’t mind mosquitoes, crocodiles, tidal rivers and torturous heat and humidity have a chance of seeing them on any kind of regular basis.

I had a chance but it was not to be. The Arnhem Highway closed due to flooding on the Adelaide River on departure day and I didn’t fancy the possibility of getting washed off the bridge into the area where the Adelaide River Queen coaxes huge salties to leap into the air by dangling pork chops over the water.

chicken feed

Dangling pork chop, hungry crocodile, Adelaide River. Credit Mischievous Magpie.

never fails to impress

Dangling pork chop, leaping crocodile, Adelaide River. Credit Mischievous Magpie.

The attempt will just have to wait till drier times.

However, that did mean I got to spend a wonderful time out at Fogg Dam instead. The dam wall walk has been closed since 2009 ” until further notice – due to presence of large Saltwater Crocodile” (only one?) and the dam was so inundated from our record beating wet season rains this year that water was flowing over the road creating one giant floodplain. The birds were having a ball though and despite having a really crap digital camera (don’t buy the Olympus E-400) I managed to get a few nice close ups of a jabiru, little egrets and pied herons.

Little egrets dancing, Fogg Dam. Credit Mischievous Magpie

Jabiru, little egrets and pied heron, Fogg Dam. Credit Mischievous Magpie.

Also around were plenty of little black cormorants, scarlet honeyeaters, radjah shelducks, intermediate and great egrets, jacanas, chestnut rail and more.

The man-eating crocodile even gave an appearance, floating around seemingly in a dwam but I reckon she was paying attention to every single thing around her.

Sorry no gratuitous croc-porn this time: crap camera.