Apart from studying birds, I am also part of Ganesh Consultants, a a creative service based in the Top End of Australia.

So far this year we’ve released four award winning short films, docos and animated ads.  Check them out at Ganesh

Bio-Diversity Incorporated
This short film won first prize in the Open Category of the Wild NT film competition and is part of the UN year of Biodiversity. As a spoof corporate video it highlights humans lack of responsibility to the environment; it also questions the current view that quantative economics will save the day.

Saving Ningaloo
This short documentary follows the successful ‘Save Ningaloo’ campaign of 2002. Filmed in Perth and Coral Bay, Western Australia it shows how people power can overcome even the most stupid development ideas.

A spoof tv advert, Banks, was chosen by GreenPeace to be used as part of their video display at this years Glastonbury. It uses the images of the original, Trees, with a different voice over and some graphic changes.

Chase the Taste
A TV ad entered into a competition for a well-known snack food. It didn’t even make the top ten…which shows how much taste these particular corn snacks really have! A shameless Saul Bass tribute.